This is a new project by Marie Fresh Cosmetics aimed at helping teenagers with teenage acne improve their skin.

Who is it for?

Teenagers and adults – everyone can fill out an application: parents, children, older brother or sister.

What is the number of participants?

We are looking for up to 50 teenage participants, and we will select and provide all the necessary products for comprehensive care for free, according to their skin type and existing problems.

Project duration

2 months to change your skin!

Project start date

It's already 19 February!

Start changing your life right now!
Join the project!
Teenage years are a special time when problem skin can be a real challenge!
About the project:

We teach proper skincare and strive to change the way teenagers view their uniqueness by helping them take simple steps towards healthy skin. 

Going beyond the usual skincare routines, we want to help parents and teens go through this journey to healthy skin with us! We also aim to create a positive mindset by teaching teens not only how to take care of their skin, but also why it's important for their overall well-being.

We understand the problems caused by skin imperfections such as rashes and acne, and we know how difficult it is for parents who cannot cope with this challenge and help their child.

Let's show everyone how proper skincare can improve your skin and give you confidence!

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Who is this project for?
For teenagers who suffer from rashes and acne and want to get rid of them.
Parents who don't know how to help their children and are looking for a practical solution.
For older brothers and sisters who follow trends and want to help teenagers learn how to take care of their skin.
About us

MARIE FRESH COSMETICS is a natural effective cosmetics for face, body and hair care with a high concentration of active ingredients.

For more than 7 years, we have been creating products tailored to different skin types, which have helped thousands of customers get rid of dryness, rashes, comedones and acne.
We use advanced scientific achievements and safe natural ingredients from world-leading suppliers that have been clinically tested and have European Ecocert and Cosmos certificates.
We are convinced that regular comprehensive home care is the key to a visible result: eliminating skin imperfections and preserving youthfulness.
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