Hello! My name is Maryna. I am the founder of the Marie Fresh Cosmetics Brand. I am a doctor by education and a cosmetologist by vocation. This is how I found my vocation and myself in the beauty industry. At the beginning of my journey, I was full of enthusiasm to change this world and to make all women the most beautiful versions of themselves. Then, reality hit, and I realized that the world of cosmetology is not always about beauty, health, and youth, but quite often about money and money only.

This disappointment was followed by an idea. I decided I needed to create my own brand, where everything will be different. The focus of my brand will be on girls of any age with their individual needs; and we will be on guard for their beauty. We took up a difficult task: everything we did had to be done in a way that would be as efficient, effective, and easily accessible as possible. And most importantly, we had to be honest.




We believe that the beauty of any woman is unique and that it can and should be preserved. Our task is to show and prove to you that not only regular trips to a beauty consultant and expensive procedures can maintain your beauty and preserve your youth. We want to teach you and show you the right way to take good care of your face. Our goal is to save you time, health, and money. Here you will find comprehensive facial care products that are right just for you. No experiments, no sad experience, and no loss of money.



Our customers are women of different ages; they are all unique and have their own facial features. All women come to us with different needs and problems. We try to take all their wishes that we can fulfill into account. Each of our customers is a value that we work to please.


We study skin problems, such as hypersensitive, problem, dehydrated skin, types of aging etc. We look into ways to address these problems while using not only natural ingredients but also scientific research. Our priority in the production of beauty care products is high quality; this is why we use the best raw materials for beauty care products that we buy from Germany, France, the USA, Netherlands, and Spain.

Because Marie Fresh Cosmetics is manufactured at a laboratory, each bottle of cream complies our strict production standards and allows for the maximum preservation of the beneficial properties of oils and active ingredients.

Our care for our customers inspires us to try to minimize a commodity bundle. You will no longer need a thousand and one products. All you will need is 3-4 products that will be perfect and cover all the stages of skin care.


How do we make cream



When using products of a Ukrainian brand, you understandably want to be sure of the high quality and safety of beauty care products that are made with love. If the above describes you, you have come to the right place!

  • All the raw materials for our products have quality passports and are purchased only from proven suppliers who work with global brands.
  • Our company has received a European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate
  • Our beauty care products are manufactured only using professional equipment made of special laboratory-grade steel and other materials that must be available at manufacturing facilities
  • Our product preparation processes are clearly standardized and include an inspection of raw materials and the finished product on a regular basis
  • Our formulations have been developed by our technologists, who specialize in beauty care products, and have been tested by beauty consultants to solve the exact tasks that our products were created to address


By using the products of our Brand, you can rest completely sure that you will receive working, active, high-quality beauty care products that are made with love


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