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How do we make cosmetics?


What makes our cosmetics products the best? Each of the bottles with our product combines an endless practical experience, a natural base, and an innovative active ingredient. All this allows us to anticipate the needs of each girl and to choose a comprehensive line of home-care products that will revitalize the skin, keep it clean and well-cared-for, and prevent premature aging.

All the stages of our production process (from input control of raw materials to testing of the final product) are important for us. Therefore, we only use the best raw materials from global suppliers, adhere to the concept of “clean production”, use professional equipment, and develop unique cosmetic formulations.


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We select Marie Fresh Cosmetics products individually, based on your skin type and the problems that need to be solved. Therefore, selection errors are excluded. Our products contain highly effective ingredients formulated with the best of modern technology. The components valuable for the skin gently and efficiently cleanse it, nourish it, saturate it with moisture, heal and launch the natural processes of rejuvenation.

It is quite easy to buy organic cosmetics in Kiev. Means from different manufacturers can be found at the request "buy cosmetics in Ukraine" and order them in any online store in one click. But will these tools work? Do these manufacturers have SEC (sanitary and epidemiological conclusion) and production permits? Where is the guarantee that the purchased cosmetics will bring the expected result? And whether it will suit you is another question.

When you turn to Marie Fresh Cosmetics, you can be sure that the contents of your favorite jars are made in a sanitary manner, according to all standards. The brand has all the necessary production documents and quality certificates. Ingredients are purchased from distributors who work with other global brands. Our natural cosmetics are the best choice for you.

Blogger, businesswoman
Іvanka Khoma
Blogger, businesswoman

My great love and indispensable jars from @marie_freshcosmetics.
The Ukrainian brand, which does not have a high mission, is a fair product and cultivates a certain amount of food until it is healthy. Smell, dia, design - everything is at the best price.

Blogger, businesswoman
Mila Baraeva
Blogger, businesswoman

Marie Fresh Cosmetics - it was love at first sight! And this is the case when you fall in love with a jar, receive a product, use it and go crazy.
Fresh cosmetics with unrealistic aromas and magical, delicate effects.

Blogger, businesswoman, mother of two
Blogger, businesswoman, mother of two

I want to thank @marie_freshcosmetics for the wonderful jars that came with me to a sunny, hot country! Once again I use these tools, and I am always delighted.
A series for dry skin just perfectly moisturizes and nourishes! Contains macadamia, shea and avocado oils.
Universal cream for day and night use. And the foam for washing perfectly cleanses the skin and removes makeup! Even mascara! Took 2 jars and saved a lot of space!
Well, the smell is a separate topic altogether!