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Anti-pollution set for all hair types

Series anti-pollution. Anti-pollution set is suitable for all hair types and ensures a deep detox effect and protection against pollution, chemical and physical influx. Plant complex based on the rambutan seed extract creates a barrier that protects the hair. As a result - the hair is easy to distinguish, becomes bright, soft and silky.
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Detox shampoo
Detox shampoo
Series anti-pollution.Detox shampoo based on detergents from coconut and olive oils cleanses the scalp and hair of impurities perfectly. The key ingredient in the shampoo is rambutan seed extract, which cleanses from environmental pollution, supports optimal hydration level of the scalp and prolongs the fresh look of the hair.
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Defense conditioner
Defense conditioner
Series anti-pollution.Defense conditioner with rambutan seed extract restores the hair natural barrier, prolongs a fresh look and a pleasant smell. Rice proteins help to smooth the hair cuticle, strengthen the protective function of the hair.
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