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How do we make cosmetics?

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MARIE FRESH COSMETICS – natural effective cosmetics for face, body and hair care with a high concentration of active ingredients. Cosmetics are created by a cosmetologist on the basis of her own practical experience of working with clients and knowledge of their needs. Ingredients are produced in European countries (Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and others) and have European certificates Ecocert and Cosmos.




Only the right cosmetic products on women's shelves. Each product is designed for specific skin needs and performs a specific function. We do not produce 5 identical shower gels of different colors and scents. These are cosmetics from the manufacturer, which you can buy on our website. Among the products, there are also professional cosmetics – a line for professional care.




  • Effectiveness – each product contains a high concentration of active ingredients with a proven research base, which ensures visible results.
  • Safety – the products are manufactured in-house, certified according to the European GMP standard. All of it is tested for microbiological safety indicators.
  • Affordability – at a reasonable price so that most women can afford quality care and buy it in the online store of Ukrainian cosmetics.
  • Naturalness – on a natural basis without critical components for the health of the skin and the body as a whole.
  • Physiological – well-received by the skin, replenishes deficiencies and helps the skin to be healthy and youthful.




We are convinced that regular comprehensive home care is the key to visible results: eliminating skin imperfections, preserving youthfulness. That is why we have developed a simple, understandable scheme of daily care, into which our products can be easily integrated, depending on the needs of each woman's skin: from dry and normal to oily and problematic. The cosmetics are also suitable for different age categories.

Our products gently but effectively cleanse the skin, nourish it, restore the lipid barrier, protect it from external factors and trigger natural rejuvenation processes. Choosing Marie Fresh Cosmetics, you can be sure that the contents of your favourite jars are safe and effective, because they are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the European standard GMP. In 2022 all Marie Fresh Cosmetics products received EU notification and are officially presented by brand partners.

More than 36 thousand women in Ukraine and the EU have improved skin condition and eliminated its imperfections with the help of Marie Fresh care. This is a natural cosmetics with proven effectiveness of active ingredients. Try it and you!

Візажист, б'юті блогер
Олександра Федів
Візажист, б'юті блогер

Marie Fresh - це справжня українська гордість, адже ця косметика має дієві активні інгредієнти, справді працює, але при цьому зберігає доступну ціну !І вони подумали про всіх, бо асортимент вражає) Раджу кожній спробувати і переконатись)

Роксолана Величковська

Вкотре замовляю засоби @mariefreshcosmetics і залишаюсь дуже задоволена, особливо маленькі формати косметики для шкіри та волосся стають в нагоді в подорожі. Для моєї чутливої шкіри все ідеально підійшло. Дякую!

Блогерка та письменниця
Альона Хомин
Блогерка та письменниця

Якщо ви мама підлітка, то ви розумієте, що це важко. Якщо ви мама підлітка з проблемною шкірою, то ви уявляєте масштаби катастрофи. Якщо ви мама підлітка-дівчинки з проблемною шкірою, то ставте пляшку вина - ми вляпалися і це треба вирішити. До того ж - швидко!
Завдяки @marie_freshcosmetics проблеми підлітка вирішуються, а мої нерви не витрачаються.
Шарму додає той факт, що це наш український бренд. Бренд, який нічим не поступається європейським за якістю.
Дякую, що ви є.