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How do we make cosmetics?

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MARIE FRESH COSMETICS is a natural effective cosmetics for face, body and hair care with a high concentration of active ingredients. The cosmetics were created by a cosmetologist based on her own practical experience of working with clients and knowledge of their needs. The ingredients are produced in European countries (Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and others) and have European Ecocert and Cosmos certificates. Natural cosmetics are available on our website.

What do we offer?


Only the necessary cosmetic products are on women's shelves. Each product is designed for specific skin needs and performs a specific function. We don't produce 5 identical shower gels of different colours and flavours. These are cosmetics from the manufacturer. Among the products, we also have a Ukrainian professional cosmetics line - the professional care line.


  • Efficiency – each product contains a high concentration of active ingredients with an evidence-based research base that provides a visible result. 
  • Safety – the products are manufactured at our own production facility, certified in accordance with the European GMP standard. All of them are tested according to microbiological safety indicators.
  • Affordability – at a reasonable price, so that most women can afford quality care and buy it in the online store of Ukrainian cosmetics.
  • Naturalness – on a natural basis without critical components for the health of the skin and the body as a whole.

Physiological – well perceived by the skin, replenishes deficiencies and helps it stay healthy and young.


We are convinced that regular comprehensive home care is the key to visible results: eliminating skin imperfections and preserving youthfulness. That's why we have developed a simple, clear daily care regimen that can be easily integrated into, depending on the skin needs of each woman: from dry and normal to oily and problematic. Ukrainian natural cosmetics are suitable for different age groups.

Our products gently but effectively cleanse the skin, nourish it, restore the lipid barrier, protect it from external factors and trigger natural rejuvenation processes. By choosing Marie Fresh Cosmetics, you can be sure that the contents of your favourite jars are safe and effective, as they are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the European GMP standard. In 2022, all Marie Fresh Cosmetics products received EU notification and are officially represented by the brand's partners.

More than 20 thousand women in Ukraine and the EU have improved their skin condition and eliminated its imperfections with Marie Fresh care. These are natural cosmetics made in Ukraine. Try it for yourself!

Blogger, businesswoman
Іvanka Khoma
Blogger, businesswoman

My great love and indispensable jars from @marie_freshcosmetics.
The Ukrainian brand, which does not have a high mission, is a fair product and cultivates a certain amount of food until it is healthy. Smell, dia, design - everything is at the best price.

Blogger, businesswoman
Mila Baraeva
Blogger, businesswoman

Marie Fresh Cosmetics - it was love at first sight! And this is the case when you fall in love with a jar, receive a product, use it and go crazy.
Fresh cosmetics with unrealistic aromas and magical, delicate effects.

Blogger, businesswoman, mother of two
Blogger, businesswoman, mother of two

I want to thank @marie_freshcosmetics for the wonderful jars that came with me to a sunny, hot country! Once again I use these tools, and I am always delighted.
A series for dry skin just perfectly moisturizes and nourishes! Contains macadamia, shea and avocado oils.
Universal cream for day and night use. And the foam for washing perfectly cleanses the skin and removes makeup! Even mascara! Took 2 jars and saved a lot of space!
Well, the smell is a separate topic altogether!