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Travel set

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Are you going on a trip? Take your favorite cosmetics with you! To do this, we have prepared a set of mini-format bottles. The set includes 6 units of packaging of different volume for storage and convenient transportation of cosmetics. The set meets all the requirements of airlines for the carriage of liquids in hand luggage and takes up a minimum of space. Plus a travel set and the fact that you do not need to take with you huge jars of your favorite cosmetics. Everything will be in tiny and cute bottles. Travel set is made of high-quality non-toxic plastic and closes tightly.
Set includes

• Stylish transparent silicone cosmetic bag on the zip-lock
• 6 vials for your favorite products
• Checklist for travel
• Branded travel tag for your suitcase

Bottles and vials

• Bottle with foaming agent especially for our foams for washing – 50 ml
• Bottle with spray for tonic – 50 ml
• Two bottles for shampoo and conditioner – 50 ml
• Two bottles for creams – 10 ml


Чудовий травел набір. Ідеально для засобів Marie fresh. Купувала для себе й на подарунок. Завжди потрібно мати такий під рукою.

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