How to care for problem skin: a selection of products

How to care for problem skin: a selection of products

Taking care of problem skin is always a challenge. And to facilitate this process and make your face radiant, fresh, moisturised, without rashes, black spots and acne - we have created a complex set of daily rituals. It covers the basic steps: cleansing, toning, moisturising. Marie Fresh also has products for additional care - serums, masks, spot treatments and so on. Let's talk about them, but first let's find out the causes of problematic skin conditions.

Causes of skin problems

Everyone's skin has millions of tiny sebaceous glands that are connected to hair follicles all over the body and produce an oil called sebum or sebum to protect the skin. Sometimes this oil can't reach the surface through the follicles for certain reasons. For example, a malfunctioning hormonal system. Hormones can cause the sebaceous glands to work excessively, and the excess oil they produce is blocked by dead skin cells, clogging pores and causing acne. 

In adolescents, the onset of puberty usually begins with the release of hormones, which results in acne and comedones. These rashes are also quite common in adults. Pregnancy, menstrual cycle, starting or changing contraceptive pills can accelerate sebum production, causing acne. Another reason is stress, which causes the body to produce cortisol, which can stimulate the sebaceous glands. This leads to excessive secretions, clogging of the pores and breakouts.

Other factors that affect skin condition

  1. Lifestyle (diet, sleep, emotional state, presence, or absence of bad habits).
  2. Climate (its change, the presence of winds, the presence of water nearby).
  3. Water (especially water changes).
  4. Care (how suitable/not suitable, how good it is, expiration dates).
  5. Taking dietary supplements and medicines (antibiotics, retinoids, some groups of vitamins, iodine, minerals).
  6. Detox (during various detoxes, rashes may appear, usually they are carried out on vegetable and juice diets).
  7. Massage (oil massage of the face or back often ends in rashes. Even if the massage is on a mask, but the skin is prone to rashes, there are more of them).
  8. Exacerbation of chronic diseases (pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, etc.).
  9. Cosmetic procedures (peels, treatments with inappropriate cosmetics, cleansing).

The best way to determine what is causing the rash is to consult a dermatologist. Marie Fresh cosmetologists always know which products are best suited to your skin's needs. That's why we have developed a simple, easy-to-understand skincare regimen.

How to care for problem skin

Care for oily problem skin is divided into 2 large parts:

  • daily (basic)
  • weekly (additional)

The quality and appearance of the skin depends to a greater extent on the quality and regularity of daily care. Therefore, the Marie Fresh Cosmetics brand primarily provides daily care. Right now, you can buy some products for problem skin with a -15% discount in our online store. The promotion lasts until 20.08

Rules for caring for problem skin

Daily care for problematic skin and beyond should include the basic steps. It is almost the same, but there are certain nuances:

In the morning:

  • Cleansing (cleansing foam/gel)
  • Toning (tonic)
  • Moisturising the face (serum/cream according to skin type/day cream)
  • Moisturising the eye area (eye cream)

In the evening:

  • Make-up removal (cleansing balm/hydrophilic oil-gel)
  • Cleansing (foam / gel for washing)
  • Toning (tonic)
  • Moisturising the face (serum/cream according to skin type/night cream)
  • Moisturising the eye area (eye cream)

Products for problem skin care

Caring for problem skin is not as complicated a science as it may seem at first glance. Yes, there are many factors that affect the health and appearance of the skin, but the basis of everything is the regular and uniform renewal of the stratum corneum and its integrity. Therefore, the task of cosmetics is to maintain these important skin conditions in the correct dynamics. Only then will we see the result.

To get an even tone and healthy skin without rashes, inflammation, comedones, and excessive sebum, you should choose a comprehensive set for problem skin care. It covers all the necessary steps and is suitable for daily use.

Top 3 products for problem skin with a -15% discount


The cream's active ingredients have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and fight acne, improve complexion and facial relief, and its light and weightless texture is just what problem skin needs.


The mask contains green and white clay, a phytocomplex based on cannabinoids and azelaic acid to fight rashes. By the way, this product has a renewed texture and actively fights rashes, makes the skin matte, evens out the complexion, and lightens age spots.


Contains 14 active ingredients that lighten post-acne and traces of rashes, smooth skin texture, reduce the development of bacteria that cause inflammation, and deeply cleanse pores from accumulated sebum. The SOS product instantly removes redness, physiologically dries and effectively fights rashes.

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