Oily and combination skin always needs careful care - cleansing, toning and moisturising. Cleansing is the first step needed for all the others, so that the products work properly and the skin is nourished, healthy, radiant and beautiful. And Marie Fresh cleansing balm for all skin types is perfect for this. It contains 97% natural ingredients and as many as 8 active ingredients for deep cleansing.

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What is a balm, and why is it so effective?

The balm is a gentle and effective remover for skin demake-up and cleansing, it does not leave a feeling of tightness. Thanks to eight active ingredients, it deeply cleanses pores from accumulated sebum and prevents comedones and blackheads. The product normalizes sebum activity, prevents greasy shine during the day, and soothes and prevents the appearance of inflammatory elements.

The purpose of balms

One of its main actions is cleansing, which is very important. Because poor quality, andWhat is a balm, and why is it so effective? incomplete cleansing lead to blackheads, rashes, acne, and irritation. This is especially true when removing make-up, accumulated sebum, and SPF products containing special filters. In addition, airborne impurities accumulate on the skin. Most cleansing gels, foams, and mousses consist of active ingredients that only remove surface impurities. And they won't clean off foundation or sunscreen.

The oils in the formulation are a lipophilic type of solvent that easily absorbs all oily impurities (excess sebum, decorative cosmetics, sunscreen) even deep in the pores. And the emulsifiers in hydrophilic oils help to 'friend' these compounds with water and rinse off easily. This is exactly the oil base of the cleansing balm.

It is a unique product for all skin types, containing 97% of ingredients of natural origin. Among the main ingredients:

  • Matcha tea and green clay provide a deep detoxifying effect, eliminating toxins, which is especially essential for oily and problematic skin.
  • Black cumin oil relieves inflammation and irritation and strengthens the skin's immunity.
  • Chlorophyll and copper complex have antibacterial properties, inhibiting the growth of certain anaerobic bacteria on the skin that cause rashes.
  • Schizandra extract prevents rashes

Thanks to these ingredients, cleansing is as complete as possible, without stressing the skin. That's why Marie Fresh cleansing balm is the best option for all skin types, even oily and problematic skin. After all, the product normalizes the sebaceous glands, prevents the appearance of oily shine during the day, soothes and prevents the appearance of inflammatory elements.

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