Military skincare set: with care for the skin of our defenders and protectors

Military skincare set: with care for the skin of our defenders and protectors

We all dream of hearing the coveted "We have won!" instead of "The air raid has been cancelled". And this can only be achieved by joint efforts - everyone on their own front. Marie Fresh Cosmetics unites with the manufacturer of dry showers Shower packs for a common goal - to take care of the skin of our defenders. Together, we have created convenient military kits that are suitable for use in the field.

Military dry showers and care products from Marie Fresh 

From the very beginning, the dry shower from SHOWER PACK was created for the hygiene of bedridden patients in other countries. With the outbreak of war, the manufacturer adapted the product for a wide range of consumers, because it is convenient to take it on the road or travelling, to use in the field in the absence of water. It also greatly simplifies the ultra-complicated work of medics in hospitals. 

Disposable shower for the military: why is it important?

The skin of soldiers is constantly exposed to negative factors: dangerous sun exposure, excessive sweating and sebum production, rain, snow, cold wind. In war conditions, our defenders cannot always take care of regular quality cleansing. As a consequence, their skin becomes damaged, sensitive, dry, redness, rashes, excessive oiliness and unpleasant sensations appear. 

For quality intensive cleansing and care we have developed a special Military skincare set of compact size, which it is convenient to take with you on the road, on trips, during constant travelling. 

The set includes:

  • military dry shower, 
  • dry shower for hands or feet, 
  • foam,
  • tonic,
  • face cream. 

The dry shower "Shower Pack" is designed to cleanse the whole body and partly resembles a military field shower. The toner in the kit can be applied to a cotton pad and wiped over the face, cleansing it of impurities. Or spray directly onto the face to tone the skin. The final stage is a face cream, which soothes the skin after the impact of negative external factors, triggers the regeneration process.

What products from Marie Fresh Cosmetics are included in the set?

  1. Washing foam, which contains detergents of natural origin, effectively cleanses and moisturises the skin, preserving its microbiome. Aloe extract and peppermint hydrolat reduce skin sensitivity and tone the skin. 
  2. Toner is developed on the basis of peppermint hydrolat, gently cleanses the skin, refreshes and vitaminises it. The tonic soothes irritation and redness.
  3. Face cream with allantoin and panthenol reduces irritation, relieves redness and soothes the skin. The product contains extracts of rosemary and sage, vitamins E and C - powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from the negative effects of sun exposure.

These products will help to cleanse the skin and reduce redness and irritation, soothe the skin. They restore the protective barrier after exposure to negative external factors, start the regeneration process. 

Help the AFU

Dry shower for the military can be bought in the online shop of the partner. It will fit perfectly as a ready travel set, if you are going on a trip or camping. Alternatively, by visiting the Shower pack website, you can purchase a kit, and we will donate it to the military. We will donate 50% of the profit from the sale of the kits to help the AFU! Let's work together to take care of the skin and health of our defenders while they protect us!

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