New for men!

New for men!

The new series for men contains:

⚪️Shampoo-shower gel 2 in 1
Baobab leaf extract intensively moisturizes the skin, improves its tone and elasticity, and the mild form of menthol cools and gives the effect of freshness❄️ Hair and skin become soft and tender🙌🏻
✔️Price - UAH 250

⚪️Light lotion for men
Promotes skin regeneration after shaving, relieves redness and discomfort
Does not contain alcohol in the composition
✔️Price - UAH 250

⚪️Moisturizing hand cream
The complex of natural assets forms a protective layer on the skin, which maintains the optimal level of moisture
Olive squalane makes the skin soft and resistant to pathogens
Baobab extract is aimed at regenerating and removing redness
✔️Price - UAH 150