Cannabis in cosmetics: how does it work?

Cannabis in cosmetics: how does it work?

The effects of medical cannabis on the human body have been studied for many years. It is used in clinical practice, because it is famous for its anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties.

Interest in these drugs has not escaped the cosmetics industry. Due to the very high content of essential fatty acids and the ideal ratio of omega-6 / omega-3, this component is extremely valuable for the skin, regardless of type and age.

Cannabinoids have several effects on our skin: they especially regulate wound healing, pain and inflammation, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, ie effectively fight irritation, dry skin, excessive oiliness and photoaging.

Cannabidiol itself, commonly known as CBD, is a natural compound found in marijuana and cannabis and has long been banned in many countries, including Ukraine.

However, science is evolving, and clinical studies show extremely positive effects on human skin. And finally, we are happy, because the use of cannabinoids is allowed!

So we have developed an active anti-inflammatory mask for skin prone to rashes. Despite many anti-inflammatory assets, we added cannabinoids. However, its form is more effective.

The composition of the Swiss asset with encapsulated cannabinoids:

We brought to Ukraine a Swiss asset - a phytocomplex with encapsulated cannabioids in a nanoemulsion. This structure increases the bioavailability of the skin and increases efficiency several times compared to the classic form.

Reduce the production of sebum, fight acne, comedones, pustules and other inflammatory elements. 84% inhibits the inflammatory process!

Powerful antioxidant properties - reduce inflammation in skin cells after severe oxidative stress

Significant soothing properties, reduce skin sensitivity, including redness and reactivity.

Accelerate tissue regeneration after the wound, the thickness of the epidermis increases

In addition, clinical studies have shown its ability to relieve facial tension, thus smoothing facial wrinkles on various parts of the body (forehead, cheeks, around the eyes), as well as improve skin tone and color.

Studies have been conducted:

Forty-two women aged 38 to 65 were divided into two groups. For 28 days, some women used a cream with the active ingredient, and the other regular. After 28 days showed the result. Compared to the initial conditions, the use of cream with our asset:

  • melanin content (brown color) decreased by 13.7%
  • hemoglobin content (red color) decreased by 17.8%


Results of reduction of spots and reddening by 30.5% after 28 days of use:

Results of reduction of spots and reddening


Both compounds (hemoglobin, melanin) are stimulated by oxidative stress and inflammation. Their reduction is preceded by an improvement in skin tone and tone, as well as a reduction in inflammation and stress in the skin.

The same women examined the asset for roughness and wrinkles. After 28 days, the roughness of the skin on the cheeks of the volunteers, as well as the number of wrinkles decreased. The use of cannabinoid cream has led to:

• reduction of the number of wrinkles: - 28%

• reduction of skin roughness: - 6.5%

The pictures below show that the cream with this asset reduces visibility and smoothes wrinkles on the forehead and generally improves skin texture.

The results of smoothing wrinkles by 34.5% after 28 days of use:


The results of smoothing wrinkles


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