How to make voluminous lips without injections?

How to make voluminous lips without injections?

With the pursuit of perfect body shape, clear facial contours, girls are ready for many steps, including injections. However, we know how to use the forces of nature and science to find a solution to the situation without the need for painful procedures потреби

So we decided to start with the lips!

After all, lips are the first thing people pay attention to😏 To help you feel more confident, we have developed a lip balm with a magnifying effect.

We used a rare ingredient that is used in only 0.01% of all cosmetics - decorative glitters from Charlotte Tilbury, Victoria Beckham and ours! At the same time, we choose a conscious approach to cosmetics, so our decorative cosmetics with a care effect - a double pleasure задово

🔥 Extract of yellow mustard sprouts, getting on the lips:

👉 dilates capillaries and increases blood circulation. As a result, it increases the volume and hydration of the lips

👉 reduces the appearance of thin lines

👉 instantly moisturizes the lips

Unlike injections and other lip augmentation products, purified mustard sprout extract is natural and completely safe for the human body ☝️ Moreover, volume stimulation occurs all the time during application and has a long-lasting effect.

Clinical tests have been performed, the results of which will definitely impress you 🤭

18 women applied mustard extract to their lips twice a day for two weeks. The same group of women used their placebo for the other two weeks. Compared with placebo, it was found that the purified mustard extract:

🔥 noticeably increases the volume of the lip by 50.1 mm3

The result is shown in the photos. After 35 days of use, the lips became visually more voluminous and attractive.

🔥 increases lip hydration by 10%

From our practice we can say that the results are absolutely justified. After all, with regular use of the balm, the skin of the lips really becomes thicker, fuller, and the volume of the lips increases🙌

* Yellow mustard sprout extract is part of the lip balm