Hydra intense - the perfect hair care set for the whole family

Hydra intense - the perfect hair care set for the whole family

Most of our habits come from childhood. Healthy skin and hair also start in childhood. If you use a universal hair care set that suits the whole family from a young age, it will really become a good habit and make choices easier in adulthood.

Universal products are a convenient and understandable approach to using cosmetics. And the best manifestation of caring for your family is safe, natural and effective care products. It is very convenient when you can use a certain product and all members of your family, especially children, can use it too! If your children are reluctant to bathe and don't like to wash their hair, it's wise to buy a shampoo that will keep their strands clean and fresh for longer. 

For this purpose, we have created the perfect set - a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner Hydra intense, which can be used by women, men, or children. We have made them in a large volume - 400 ml - so that it will be enough for everyone! Right now, you can order them on our website at a bargain price.

What is included in the Hydra intense set?

The shampoo for moisturising hair, which contains 95% of ingredients of natural origin, is suitable for the whole family and is safe for children from 7 years old. It contains mild detergents made from coconut and olive oil to gently cleanse and smooth hair. These ingredients make hair manageable and silky. A complex of four types of hyaluronic acid and inca-inchi oil provides instant, extreme moisture to the hair and scalp. They become shiny, supple and easy to comb.

This natural hair shampoo is light and gentle in texture, so you can wash your children without worrying. Use this product if you want the whole family to have healthy hair and scalp. It is safe for all hair types and contains no SLS, SLES, silicones or parabens. Preserves a healthy protective layer of the skin, unlike conventional sulphate shampoos.

Try combining this shampoo with the included conditioner to get the best results and have shiny, shiny strands that don't tangle and look well-groomed. You can order it in our online store.

The Hydra intense moisturising conditioner contains 92% of ingredients of natural origin. It also contains no silicones, so it is suitable for the entire family and is safe for children! It allows you to feel moisturised from the first seconds of use!

Not only that, but it can be used as a natural conditioner for thin, oily hair, as well as a hair mask: leave the conditioner on for 20-30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

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