Why are sulphate-free natural intimate hygiene foams considered safer for women's health?

Why are sulphate-free natural intimate hygiene foams considered safer for women's health?

Intimate areas are a special sensitive area in everyone's body. It requires special care. What kind of care should it be? What intimate hygiene gel or foam is the best choice? There are a few criteria you should pay attention to when you're choosing a product. But first, let's understand what intimate hygiene is.

It is the regular, thorough care of the delicate parts of the body. The basis of this process is choosing the right product and using it correctly. It is important to take care not only of cleansing the face and body, but also the genitals and to maintain cleanliness, which is the key to maintaining a woman's health. Because lack of hygiene and improper cleansing can increase the risk of fungal infections, urinary tract infections, cause constant dryness and irritation.

How to take care of the intimate area?

The rules for intimate hygiene are quite simple: it is worth using special products that have been designed to maintain a balanced pH level, protect the delicate zone from excessive reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and support the general immunity. They can be used 1–2 times a day as prescribed.

But it is worth knowing that the pH of our skin ranges from 4.1 to 5.8, while the normal pH of the vagina ranges from 3.8 to 5.0. The intimate area needs to be more acidic than the rest of the body in order to control the balance between commensal and opportunistic bacteria. 

In addition, shower gels and soaps often contain ingredients that are better avoided when applied to delicate areas, such as glycerine, parabens, fragrances and the like. 

How to choose a product for intimate areas?

Firstly, it is worth remembering what ingredients should be included in products such as intimate area foam?

  1. Acids, which normalise the pH of the skin. An acidic pH limits the number of opportunistic bacteria responsible for infections. Acids in detergents help to create a healthy microbiome and restore the natural skin barrier (acid mantle). As well as normalising intimate flora, they also exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells, so they have a positive effect on skin throughout the body.
  2. Lactic acid is commonly used in personal care products. It is more gentle than other acids and is ideal for dry and sensitive skin.
  3. Prebiotics are also an essential ingredient in the formulation. They are nutrients that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in and on our bodies.
  4. Natural preservatives, which are derived from lactic acid bacteria. They keep the skin microbiome healthy, destroy pathogenic bacteria and take care of the health of special areas.

What is the best intimate hygiene product?

The one that doesn't contain any harmful substances. Marie Fresh's intimate cleansing foam contains no sulphates or harsh detergents. It contains 98% natural ingredients, which:

  • stimulates the growth of lactobacilli
  • restores the barrier function of the microflora.
  • normalize the pH level.
  • protect against bacteria and infections.
  • soothe inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes.

It gently cleanses, refreshes and maintains the microflora of the intimate area. That's why we advise you to buy it in the webshop or on our website.

What are the benefits of sulphate-free foam?

Many manufacturers neglect the safety of the composition in intimate hygiene products. SLS, SLES and other harmful sulphates can be found in the composition. Some of them are derivatives of petroleum products that dry out delicate skin, cause irritation, dryness and a feeling of discomfort. These aggressive ingredients flush out the skin's essential microbiome, which results in an imbalance of the microflora and pH balance.

To avoid this, opt for gentle products that contain only natural and safe ingredients, like Marie Fresh's sulphate-free intimate cleansing foam. It contains non-aggressive detergents made from coconut, very mild and suitable even for the most delicate skin. By the way, the product is now also available in a new design. Just try it!

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