Burns: how to save the skin quickly?

Burns: how to save the skin quickly?

If in general cosmetics have an external influence, and food internal, then what in the middle?

Innovative bioavailable ingredients

Such ingredients are fermented minerals. Due to their specific structural form, these minerals are transformed into a bioactive material that is easily recognized by our skin and instantly begins to act in the middle layers of the skin.

The mineral complex consists of five important fermented minerals: zinc, iron, silicon, copper and magnesium.

  • Magnesium protects the skin from stress, has a emollient and rejuvenating effect on the skin


  • Iron is involved in the formation of hemoglobin, which provides microcirculation in cells and stimulates the reparative processes of the skin, brightens it and makes it more radiant


  • Copper has an antibacterial effect, tones, regulates sebum secretion, restores the structure of collagen and elastin fibers of the skin


  • Silicon enhances the natural protective functions of the skin, forms an elastic and strong "framework" of the skin, activates the healing process of the skin after damage, prevents the destruction of collagen fibers


  • Zinc has pronounced anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties and excellent regenerative properties, thanks to which it activates the healing processes of the skin after damage.

Unlike some vitamins, minerals are not synthesized in our body, but are one of the most important elements for regulating the vital functions of the human body.

An in vivo study was performed for four weeks to assess the effect on skin density using fermented minerals. The study involved ten volunteers aged 23 to 45 years. These results indicate that this biomaterial is able to improve skin density compared to the base cream

  • by 11.02% after 24 years
  • by 13.54% in 4 weeks


Effect on skin density using fermented minerals

A study on the ZD model of human skin was also performed. It is proved that fermented minerals regulate the activity of some genes, and accordingly:

  • Effectively improves barrier function
  • Provide a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, reduce stress factors
  • Accelerate skin regeneration (healing of wounds, microcracks and burns)
  • Activate the work of cells, increases their energy potential, which leads to an instantaneous protective reaction of our skin to damage and irritation
  • Provide antioxidant protection (from sunlight) by 11-86%


We share with you our personal results.

The photo shows the effect of applying a beauty mask on a burn caused by a hair styler. The second-degree burn went away overnight, so there is no chance of sunburn!

Effect of applying a beauty mask on a burn

* Fermented minerals are part of the Beauty Mask, tonic to restore balance and natural tone, foam to restore balance and natural tone.