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Neck and cleavage cream is an effective remedy for skin youth

The skin in the neck and cleavage area is less elastic. It is characterized by a low amount of subcutaneous fat, so it needs more careful care with age. Neck and cleavage cream will help to avoid wrinkles, keep the beauty and youth of your skin.

Maximum efficiency of the product – how to achieve it

High-quality cosmetics help maintain epidermis in tone, align its tone and improve elasticity. The main thing to follow the simple recommendations of specialists.

  1. Take care of gentle cleansing of the skin. It is advisable to avoid washing with water from the tap due to excessive rigidity of the latter. It is also better not to use tonics that contain alcohol. 
  2. Divide care into evening and morning phases. For everyone, you should choose your moisturizing, rejuvenating cream for neck and cleavage, or buy a good universal remedy.

Do not wait for the age of 30+. Prevention at an earlier age will allow you to preserve beauty and youth for a long time.

Usage Features

To see the most rapid and effective result, it is important to apply the product correctly. Apply the cream to the cleansed skin with the help of sponge. Move smoothly and gently from the chin to the cleavage. Wait until the neck care cream is fully absorbed. Repeat this procedure daily.

Why Marie Fresh

Ukrainian brand of cosmetics Marie Fresh will allow you to remain young and beautiful. You will find your own approach to skin care without huge expenses and sad experiments. 

We have:

  • only quality raw materials from proven suppliers;
  • European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate;
  • thorough product control at all stages of manufacture.

Each of our creams is created on modern, technological equipment. The final product meets all standards and requirements while maintaining the beneficial properties of organic oils and other ingredients.

How to place an order

Buy a lifting cream for face and neck in our online store is very simple. Choose the right position in the catalog. To do this, read the description (you can also read the feedback from other customers). Then click «In Cart». Next, fill out a simple order form providing the necessary contact information, decide on delivery and payment method. Shipment of goods is carried out throughout Ukraine.