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Men’s care set

The first men's set for real and courageous men. The set includes 2in1 shampoo-shower gel, light aftershave lotion, moisturizing hand cream.
Men`s shampoo & shower gel 2 in 1

Men`s shampoo & shower gel 2 in 1
Series men`s care.Shampoo based on natural detergents made of coconut and sugar cane, without aggressive sulfates, foams well and cleanses the scalp and body without overdrying them and without damaging the protective barrier. Contains Fermented Baobab Leaf Extract to help provide deep body detoxification. It cleanses the skin and hair after sports perfectly, leaving a light citrus-menthol aroma after use.
250 UAH Volume: 250 мл
Men`s soothing lotion after shaving

Men`s soothing lotion after shaving
Series men`s care.Lightweight, instantly absorbing lotion. Promotes skin regeneration after shaving. Intensively moisturizes, relieves redness and discomfort. Does not contain alcohol
250 UAH Volume: 50 мл
Men`s hand cream

Men's hand cream
Series men`s care.Very light, instantly absorbed, leaving a feeling of protection on the skin, gives the effect of freshness.
150 UAH Volume: 50 мл