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Cosmetic dressing

Series ‌limited collection marie fresh x sayya. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove hair from the face, but using hoops or hats is inconvenient. They usually jam their hair and ruin their hairstyle, which is unacceptable if time is limited. In this case, a soft, pleasant to the touch cotton bandage will cope with the task. It has a high quality velcro that can be adjusted. The dressing is easily washed and does not lose its properties even with frequent washing, perfect for beauty treatments at home.
Basic properties

• Stylish and beautiful
• Made of soft, pleasant cotton
• Qualitative, long keeps a tidy appearance
• Universal, can be adjusted to any size of the head
• Protects hair from oily and dense textures of cosmetics
• Сolor - pastel turquoise
• Size: 65 cm
• Soft, comfortable and flexible
• Fixed with Velcro
• Can be machine washed


100% cotton

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