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Face cream for dry and normal skin

Series basic care for dry to normal skin. This cream can be used at any time of year by women with dry and dehydrated skin types, and in the wintertime by women with a normal skin type. It can be used after weathering, after an exfoliation treatment course, and against dermatitis (after consulting a dermatologist), as well as your skin is flaky and very sensitive.
Basic properties

• Deep moisturizing and nourishment of your skin
• Counteraction to flakiness and active regeneration of the dermis - an ideal choice for the mid-exfoliation recovery period
• Protection against the negative properties of the environment
• High degree of antioxidant protection
• Prevention of premature aging
• Evening out of the relief of your skin
• Improvement of your skin tone
• Restoration of the natural skin barrier

Active ingredients

• Fucogel to provide active moisturizing.
• panthenol, allantoin, and vitamins C and E have a healing effect, to nourish your skin.
• Shea butter, avocado oil, and macadamia oil nourish the skin in various ways, restore its properties, and eliminate flakiness.

Application method

1. Thoroughly pre-clean your skin as follows: a hydrophilic oil • a facial wash • a toner.
2. Distribute a small portion of the cream evenly all over your face. The product can be used both in the morning and in the evening (30 minutes before bedtime). Moreover, it can be used before applying makeup.

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