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This comprehensive turnkey skin care product for women with mature oily skin covers all our recommended stages of care: the 2-stage cleansing, toning, and day and night moisturizing. Our customers note a positive impact on their skin as early as 2-4 weeks after starting the regular use of this product.
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Stage 1: Makeup Removal

Series basic care for oily to combination skin.This hydrophilic oleogel for oily / combination skin types is created, first of all, to remove persistent impurities: dust, skin sebum, dirt, and waterproof make-up. It is a super-powerful cleanser for fat-soluble impurities because the oil attracts sebum and deeply cleanses your skin pores. We recommend finish cleaning your skin with a facial wash.
350 UAH Volume: 150 мл
Stage 2: Cleansing

Cleansing Foam for oily and combination skin
Series basic care for oily to combination skin.he use of a facial wash is the second and obligatory stage of skin care, which follows the hydrophilic oleogel stage. Thanks to a complex of natural surfactants, our facial wash effectively cleanses and moisturizes your skin while preserving its microbiome. A complex of fermented minerals increases the energy potential of cells, restores balance and the natural tone of your skin, and smoothens its shade. It also regulates sebum secretion, provides a matting effect, and prevents the appearance of rashes.
320 UAH Volume: 160 мл
Stage 3: Toning

Series basic care for oily to combination skin.Toning is an integral part of any skin care ritual and serves to complete the facial cleansing stage. This Marie Fresh Cosmetics moisturizing toner for oily and combination skin types is rich in valuable active ingredients and helps improve the penetration of active elements from the skin cream of this series. This product is suitable for combination, oily, problem dehydrated, and mature skin. It can be used both in the morning and in the evening. This toner for oily and combination skin refreshes and tones your skin, while preserving its microbiome, and is a great way to complete the cleansing procedure.
310 UAH Volume: 150 мл
Stage 4: Moisturizing

Series serial care anti-aging lifting.Our Anti-Aging Lifting care product series include rejuvenating products that I have developed specifically for women whose skin is prone to oiliness. ⠀ It includes daytime and nighttime creams, which can correct your face complexion, improve your skin color, and make your skin more toned and fresh thanks to its active ingredients.
630 UAH Volume: 50 мл
Stage 4: Moisturizing (at night)

Series serial care anti-aging lifting.Our nighttime facial cream is a great companion to our daytime facial cream. This combination provides twice as many active ingredients and is suitable for women who are 28 years old or older and have combination oily skin types. The cream is light in texture and is quickly absorbed. Use it in the evening after the makeup removal, cleansing, and toning stages.
680 UAH Volume: 50 мл
Step 5: Care for the skin around the eyes

EYE CREAM 30-40+ Anti-wrinkle
Series special care.The active ingredients of our eye cream (30+) are Argireline and Leuphasyl peptides, which have an effect similar to the action of Botox. They relax your facial muscles and can significantly reduce the manifestations of wrinkles by as much as 47% after 30 days of regular use!
530 UAH Volume: 15 мл
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