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"Midnight lights" GIFT SET

The perfect evening set for your home comfort on cold evenings. Moisturizing hand cream intensively nourishes and restores the delicate skin of the hands. Grape seed oil and jojoba help maintain youth and smooth skin. Panthenol and squalane promote healing of microcracks, and sea buckthorn extract eliminates dryness, peeling, reduces irritation and accelerates tissue regeneration. The cream prevents premature aging, the appearance of pigmentation and has pronounced healing properties. The massage candle perfectly moisturizes and restores the water-lipid balance, eliminates peeling and relieves inflammation. Coconut oil makes the skin soft and velvety. The candle has a pleasant smell and a magical holiday atmosphere.
Hand cream

• moisturizing;
• nourishment;
• protection from environment influence (household chemicals, temperature changes etc.);
• elimination of flakiness and dryness;
• healing of microcracks;
• protection against premature skin aging.

Series special care.Moisturizing, nourishing and restoring hand skin
250 UAH Volume: 100 мл
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