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Stage 1: Makeup Removal

Series basic care for dry to normal skin.This 3-in-1 hydrophilic oleogel for dry skin types is a new-generation physiological cleanser with an incredibly light and comfortable texture and a safe natural composition. It creates a protective barrier for your skin and completely decomposes in the natural environment. It can be used for sensitive, dry, and dehydrated skin. The oleogel’s texture is gradually transformed from oil to gel to milk.
350 UAH Volume: 150 мл
Stage 2: Cleansing

Cleansing Foam for dry and normal skin
Series basic care for dry to normal skin.Foam for dry and normal skin gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin from dirt and makeup, preserving its microbiome. Supports balanced cell activity, reduces sensitivity and nourishes the skin. Intense hydration for 24 hours, with anti-pollution effect. Washing foam is the second and obligatory stage of skin care after hydrophilic gel oil.
320 UAH Volume: 160 мл
Stage 3: Toning

Series basic care for dry to normal skin.Toning is an integral part of any skin care ritual and serves to complete the facial cleansing stage. This Marie Fresh Cosmetics moisturizing toner for dry skin with an Anti-Pollution effect is rich in valuable active ingredients and helps improve the penetration of active elements from the cream for dry skin types from the same series. The TREHALOSE and PULLULAN natural polysaccharide complex preserves your skin microbiome and protects it from the negative impact of the environment.
310 UAH Volume: 150 мл
Stage 4: Moisturizing

Series basic care for dry to normal skin.This cream can be used at any time of year by women with dry and dehydrated skin types and in the wintertime by women with a normal skin type. It can be used after weathering, after an exfoliation treatment course, and against dermatitis (after consulting a dermatologist), as well as your skin is flaky and very sensitive.
580 UAH Volume: 50 мл
Step 5: Care for the skin around the eyes

Series special care.The cream eliminates the manifestations of the first wrinkles, fights dark circles and puffiness. It has a light but nourishing texture. Suitable for girls 20+ with dry dehydrated skin around the eyes.
430 UAH Volume: 15 мл
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