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Series professional hair series. The set of the professional hair series consists of three products that provide the stages of care – deep exfoliating thanks to a peeling for the scalp, intensive restoration with a hair mask and ultra-nourishing of dry hair ends with a revitalizing filler. The set includes a branded gray bag.
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Scalp Peeling
Scalp Peeling
Series professional hair series.Peeling for all scalp types effectively and deeply cleanses the scalp from dead cells, excess sebum, heavy metals from hard water, styling product residues, regulates sebum secretion and prolongs the fresh look of hair.
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UltraRich Restorative Mask for dry and damaged hair
UltraRich Restorative Mask for dry and damaged hair
Series professional hair series.The instant action mask intensively strengthens the hair, repairs damaged areas from the inside and provides multi-level hydration. The imitation of additional film on the hair provides protection against negative environmental factors and prevents excessive water evaporation and breakage. After the first use, the hair becomes silky, plump and manageable.
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Revitalizing Filler for dry and damaged hair ends
Revitalizing Filler for dry and damaged hair ends
Series professional hair series.The revitalizing filler actively restores and moisturizes dry, damaged and thin hair. Aminoceramide complex nourishes hair from the inside and repairs damaged areas, fights split ends and breakage. Hyaluronic acid instantly moisturizes hair. Thanks to the active composition with glutamic acid and phytosterols, the hair becomes extremely soft, full and without static.
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