Modified Jessner peeling

Duration: 60 min
Price: 700 UAH



Superficial peeling involves a single application of the solution on the skin. It penetrates only into the upper layers of the skin and has a more gentle effect, compared to the middle peel.

During the middle peeling, the drug is applied to the skin twice. This allows you to get to the basal layer of the skin and gives a strong effect. Jessner peeling is considered one of the most effective ways to cleanse the skin. After that, you will need skin care to restore it.


Jessner peeling has several advantages:

  • the right combination of components provides a quick visible effect, leaving the procedure safe;
  • rehabilitation period does not exceed 7 days;
  • peeling is suitable for all skin types;
  • the procedure is able to cope with acne and their consequences;
  • after peeling the skin is smoothed, small wrinkles, scars, and scars disappear from it;
  • among the effects of Jessner peeling - improving the elastic properties of the skin and reducing the level of pigmentation.

During peeling, unpleasant sensations may occur - this is a normal effect, which will pass immediately after the neutralization of acids. Peeling is also accompanied by the smell of alcohol because alcohol is the basis of this solution.

The skin may react to this peeling with swelling, hypersensitivity, and peeling. Sometimes it appears a day after the procedure.


Do not do Jessner peeling if you have the following conditions or symptoms:

  • allergy to the active components of peeling;
  • diabetes;
  • cancer;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • skin damage or burns;
  • papillomavirus (large moles);
  • acute herpes or dermatosis.

You should also not choose Jessner peeling during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


It is best to spend it in the cold season, when the sun's activity is reduced. One week before the procedure, you can start using the preparations. They are determined by a cosmetologist based on the result of skin diagnosis. On the day of the procedure, it is better not to use moisturizers or drugs with fruit acids.

  • Peeling takes place in several stages:
  • Cosmetics are removed from the skin and high-pH cleansers are applied, washing them off in about half a minute.
  • The skin is degreased with a solution, after which the drug itself is applied to it. To reduce the level of tingling and the smell of alcohol, a fan is directed at the face.
  • If necessary, peeling is applied again.
  • After exposure, the peeling does not wash off. Instead, a soothing mask or moisturizer is applied on top.
  • The client washes off the peeling a few hours after the end of the procedure. After that, he will need to apply an ointment with SPF protection.

During the rehabilitation period, you should refrain from visiting the pool and solarium. Also, do not tear off the peeling crusts - scars can occur.