Milk peeling

Duration: 60 min
Price: 600 UAH


Kind of milk peeling

At superficial peeling concentration of 20-30% and pH 1,5-3,0 is used. It is effective for easy cleansing of the skin in the fight against acne, seborrhea, hyperpigmentation and other aesthetic problems.

For medium peeling, use a concentration of 30-90% and a pH of 2.0-3.5. This procedure promotes skin regeneration, eliminates small wrinkles. Lactic acid also helps block melanin by fighting excess pigmentation.

During the Marie Fresh Cosmetics procedure, Mesoestetic milk peeling with a lactic acid concentration of 40% pH 1.8 is used. The duration of the session is 1 hour. 

What does milk peeling provide?

Milk peeling has a number of advantages:

  • moisturizes the skin;
  • eliminates old skin cells;
  • fights rashes and acne;
  • smooths fine wrinkles;
  • reduces the level of pigmentation;
  • improves the overall tone of the face;
  • has a short rehabilitation period;
  • suitable for all skin types.

It should be noted that milk peeling will not be able to cope with age-related skin changes. In rare cases, it can cause an allergic reaction (with individual sensitivity to lactic acid).


Before visiting a beautician, make sure that you have no contraindications:

  • open skin lesions, burns, and wounds;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • dermatitis, eczema, and other skin diseases;
  • herpes in the acute phase;
  • cancer.

It is also impossible to do milk peeling during pregnancy, lactation and after active tanning.


14 days before the visit to the beautician, it is better to stop visiting the solarium and avoid prolonged intense sun exposure to the skin. To help the skin to adapt to the action of lactic acid, you can use a cream with its small concentration.

  • The session will take 60 minutes and consists of the following stages:
  • With the help of professional tools, a beautician cleanses the skin of impurities.
  • To increase the effectiveness of peeling, the beautician uses a solution containing fruit acids, toning and degreasing the skin.
  • With cotton swabs or a fan brush, the cosmetologist applies a milk peel, treating the most sensitive areas of the face first. If necessary, apply a second coat after 10 minutes. Depending on the set goals, the exposure time is maintained, after which the peeling is neutralized with water.
  • The beautician applies a cream or mask with a soothing effect.

After peeling, it is necessary to apply sunscreen with an SPF protection factor of at least 30.