Combined back cleaning

Duration: 120 min
Price: 1 000 UAH



Who needs combined back cleansing?

Most often, people struggle with rashes and dirt on the face, but there are problems in other areas of the skin. The skin of the back is relatively difficult to care for, so it often becomes a problem area. Combined cleaning will eliminate contamination and will be an excellent preventive method against new rashes.


Thanks to a combination of manual and ultrasonic cleaning, the skin is not only cleansed, but also becomes healthier:

  • Exposure to ultrasonic waves helps to increase skin tone and improve blood circulation.
  • The skin begins to excrete harmful substances faster and better absorb beneficial trace elements.
  • In cells, the function of producing collagen and elastin is activated, which leads to the effect of lifting the skin.



The procedure consists of several stages:

  • The skin is prepared for cleansing with a tonic and antiseptic.
  • Exposure to steam or a warm compress allows the pores to open better.
  • The cosmetologist begins to work with the most problematic areas, influencing them mechanically.
  • When the mechanical stage is completed, an ultrasonic cleaning gel is applied to the back.
  • Thanks to a special ultrasonic scrubber, all residual contaminants are removed from the back.
  • At the end of the procedure, we use a post-peeling mask.

After the session, follow the beautician's recommendations for skin care. It is better to wear only natural clothes, not to use alcohol-containing products and use a cream prescribed by a specialist. You cannot visit the pool, public bath and sauna for several days, and for 2 weeks - to sunbathe.


There are several contraindications to combined back cleansing:

  • damaged skin or burns;
  • disease in the acute phase;
  • oncological diseases;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • poor blood clotting.

Depending on the specific contraindication, the procedure can be postponed for a while or choose a more gentle method of skin care.